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Coming in 2021...


Join me on an investigative journey into the deep roots of our emotions. Discover an ancient set of likes and dislikes – our primal heart – that powerfully affects our modern lives, yet few of us know.

The book describes my fifty year exploration of this important but neglected part of ourselves. In my twenties, several seemingly unrelated personal interests – meditation, wilderness travel and the then emerging science of evolutionary psychology, suggested the existence of small number of universal emotional traits that are key to human happiness, stemming from eons of nomadic living in the wilds of Africa.


That insight launched a multi-decade experiment where I sought out the experiences I believed the human genome evolved to deeply want, yet which modern society mostly ignores. My “neo-primal lifestyle” has prompted many adventures, in travel, love, sex, business, and even court cases and politics, which I recount.

But Our Primal Heart offers much more than a personal narrative. Throughout the adventure I’ve kept a close eye on the relevant developing science, and the book examines each major discovery. As the research became more refined, its influence on me increased. My story introduces many challenging new ideas yet always in the earthy setting of my own life.

I believe my primal adventure dramatically boosted my emotional wellbeing, and I hope this book shows how the same could happen to you.

My Books OPH

Cannabis can be a potent positive influence in our lives, providing much pleasure and joy and even catalyzing emotional, social, and spiritual self-improvement. But like alcohol, pot is often consumed without much consciousness, often impulsively and habitually.


Seshwise proposes a more mindful approach to this powerful psychoactive drug. Every cannabis consumption event (called a “sesh”, short for “session”) is deliberately designed to make the experience the best it can be, whether that involves the simple fun of listening to music or hanging out with friends, or more challenging psychedelic journeys with life-changing potential.

To become “seshwise” requires a surprisingly broad set of skills. They range from knowledge about cannabis products and intake methods, the design of the social and physical setting of the sesh, awareness of the levels of psychoactive intensity of different doses of the  drug, and techniques to manage your thoughts and feelings in the altered state of a cannabis high. The book explores all these subjects in detail.

Seshwise is informed by my relationship with the drug over the last fifty years, and my experience as founder of SeshWise, a community of people who apply this new approach in regular online and in-person events. See


“A fascinating book…an easy and enjoyable read…I would recommend it most highly.”
VERN L. BULLOUGH, PhD, aithor/editor of more than 50 books on sexuality

“Terrific book…If only everyone would read this book, our society would mature sexually a dozenfold.”
ANNIE SPRINKLE, PhD, porn start turned sexologist

“…should convince any rational, reasonable, patriotic American jury that cultural and mental rigidity and the growing influence of erotophobia pose an increasing threat to our democratic way of life.”
ROBERT T. FRANCOEUR, PhD, professor of human sexuality, Fairleigh Dickinson University

“If you seek a challenging new perspective on sex in our culture, this book will reward you.”
JOANI BLANK, founder of Down There Press and Good Vibrations.

John Ince probes the nooks and crannies of the modern erotic mind and discovers that below our seeming enthusiasm for sex is a reservoir of fear. While we are drawn to sex, it also secretly disturbs us. Ours is a culture of sexual bravado, not sexual joy.

This erotic malaise powerfully affects our lives. It stunts sexual passion, inhibits frank and honest talk about sex, and generates shame about sexual organs. It even influences our political orientation.

Our sex-negativity is the product of a fascinating but toxic social system that this book is the first to identify. The challenging ideas set out in The Politics of Lust will give you a radical new perspective on both your sexuality and your society.


Coming in 2020...

Life is a journey…and it can be profoundly happy if you follow the science-based, step-by-step practice called joyshift

This daily discipline lifts your spirits the same way vitamins enhance your physical health, boosting you into the upper ranges of emotional wellbeing.

Joyshift: the journey to primal happiness provides all the information you need to start this revolutionary personal-development system.

You will learn about the ancient evolutionary roots of modern happiness, why a relatively few key experiences are essential for a happy life, why they are often absent from the modern world, and how you get them via a fun, relaxing, and fulfilling daily routine.


The west coast of Canada is one of the most fascinating maritime areas in the world.  There is no better way to explore this coastline than aboard a sea kayak – the "people’s yacht”.


This informative and entertaining guidebook describes the highlights of the west coast paddling experience. Join the authors on their paddle-powered adventures. 


You will discover shoreline hot springs, ancient totem poles, golden sand beaches, orca whales, majestic scenery, outpost fishing villages, a host of colorful personalities and much more.


If you want to buy a recreational retreat or permanent residence in the countryside of British Columbia, for personal use or financial investment, this book is for you.


Whether you desire a waterfront cottage, hobby farm, mountain chalet or simply a home nestled in the woods, this book will guide you through the complex process of finding the right property and securing a good deal.


A guide to the legislation governing the natural enviornment in British Columbia.

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