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"Neo-nomad" refers to a  specific primal activity and the people who do it. The activity is to break free of our regular lifestyle and travel alone or with other neo-nomads to gorgeous warm-weather rural or wilderness environments to explore by hiking, biking or paddling.

Sometimes the destination is a scenic area not too far from cities. Such as: the trail networks in the headlands of Marin County north of San Francisco or the South-West Coast Path in England; or rural bikepaths on decommissioned train beds, such as the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in southern British Columbia; or rural paddle trips, such as on the navigable rivers of Germany or the Everglades in south Florida. Our accommodation could be a tent, vehicle, cottage or house nearby.

Or the eco-trips can be more challenging, heading into the wilderness, such as hiking the desert canyons of Utah and Arizona, the alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains or the jungle trails onthe coast of Kauai. Or we may paddle into the backcountry, such as the Pacific coast of Canada and Alaska, the Sea of Cortes in Mexico or the islands of Scotland. Tents provide our wilderness accommodation if we are overnighting there, or we can sleep at the edge of the wilderness in a dwelling, vehicle or tent, and then day-hike into the wilds.

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